If I were to think of an all-encompassing word to describe my recent reality, it would be “new”.  I take a new route to work.  I pull into a new theater parking lot.  I see new cast member’s names on new dressing room doors.  I am, at every turn, greeted with something that is not as it has been.  The familiar is still around me.  Boxes of photos and artifacts are scattered in every direction.  These remnants remind me from where we have come.  The inescapable new reminds me where we must go.

There is nothing more terrifying or exhilarating than stepping onto a foreign stage, gazing into a crowd of expectations and curiosity, and taking on the task of performing an entirely new show.  Our comfortable normal is gone.  Our usual paths and “always that ways” are no longer safety nets, just memories.  The Baldknobbers started Branson, Missouri.  We developed the formula.  We perfected it.  But, like everything, we have learned that to remain unchanged—to ignore the new—is to die.

Moving a fifty-eight year legacy is hard.  It is bittersweet.  It’s exciting.  It’s challenging.  Never have the words, “ALL NEW SHOW” been more accurate than now.  We feel it each night.  History is happening.  New is taking our legacy into the future.  New is allowing more,”Let’s try this…”.  New has an unbelievable way of opening up the doors of opportunity.  Suddenly, the confines of usual expectations have been removed, and a freedom for creativity beyond our past has become a welcomed and liberating reality.  New has transformed from intimidatingly terrifying, to a gift beyond our wildest expectations.

Our decision to move the Baldknobber’s legacy to a new home has been a decision rooted entirely in faith.   We walk onto stage each night with a passionate belief in our future.  We have prayed continuously for guidance, and we have followed every sign and path from above.  We have taken our experience—our years of seasoning—and laid a foundation for a future legacy.  New cannot equal success without constant reflection on what created today.  The past is our river of knowledge.  The future is our canvas.

Many have told us that fifty-eight years is a feat for any family to continue a business.  It is.  But for us, those fifty-eight years were just the beginning.  We intend to to take our legacy into the future with no fear or inhibition.  We will hold true to our beliefs.  We will use new to spread God, country and family to a new generation.  We will use new to continue using our God-given talents to bless others with an entertainment experience only Branson and the Baldknobbers can provide.

New is our fuel.  New is our determination.  New is Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers.

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