"The Mabe family are one of the first entertainers in Branson. Patty, Megan, and Tammy each have Beautiful voices while Brandon, Dustin and Todd can cettainly sing very well too. Droppy Draws and Hargus does a great job entertaining the crowd too, you bever know what they are going to come up with. They have a great band too. Just could go on and on. But highly recommend this show to all."

Very Entertaining!

"Really enjoyed the music and costumes. The band was great! Could have done without the military tribute songs and my husband is a veteran. Recognizing their service is enough. Money well spent!"

Amazing Family Friendly Show!

"My wife and I took a couple who has never been to Branson. They loved the show. My wife had been in the area last year and 11 of us went. We loved it then, also. Would recommend to everyone."

Best Christmas Show in Town!!!

"We love the Baldknobbers show, regardless of the season. I feel I must make this review, however, to express how truly awesome their Christmas show is! We saw 6 shows over Thanksgiving break, and out of all the Christmas shows we saw, this was the greatest. It truly offers something for people of all ages. The song choices are spectacular, and the talent is unimaginable. The cast is the friendliest, most personable in town. Love our Baldknobbers!! We will be back!"

Great Family Show!!

" The pre show comedian was so good! The rest of the show was great! The talent is solid: family talent, as well as the cast members and musicians who've joined the show over the years. And in addition to pleasing sounds, the visuals are well done too! I especially love the women's dresses, show dazzling and classy! The first part of the actual show was a great amount of country style music, mixed in with humor by two slapstick style characters. There is a great tribute honoring all veterans by branch of service. And of course, this time of year you can't go to a show in Branson without some Christmas music. This part of the show was equally well done and the musical arrangements of the Christmas selections were very good."