The Show That Started It All

Baldknobbers Jamboree, has been performing in Branson for over 50 years! The Branson family entertainment phenomenon began over 50 years ago in 1959 when the four Mabe brothers, known as the Baldknobbers, began entertaining visitors on the Branson lakefront. Today, over fifty years later, the second and third generations of the Mabe family continue the family tradition of combining your favorite country classics, with hot-new country hits and hilarious comedy into a fast paced, high energy show.

The family legacy is still wowing audiences today, performing loads of comedy and musical talent including everything from today’s number one hits to traditional country. By performing a new show each and every year, the Mabe family carries the tradition into its family’s third generation. Whether you’re a long time Baldknobbers fan, or a new one, you’ re sure to enjoy the family traditions that have made the show popular for over 50 years.